3 Efficient SEO Strategies Your Business Should Focus On in 2021

SEO services come in many different forms, some more complicated than others. In some cases, it becomes overly complicated to the point that you don’t even know if it still has the impact you think it has on driving traffic and conversions. 

The point being, it’s easy to get lost down an algorithmic rabbit hole, and you end up investing in too many SEO services and getting very little out of them. Instead of employing too many SEO strategies, maybe you just need a couple of them and focus all your efforts and resources on them and see how they can deliver better results. Here are three efficient SEO strategies you should focus on.

SEO Articles

Perhaps one of the most popular and effective uses of SEO is by crafting articles and using it to attract more people to your website. Article marketing typically involves writing and publishing short articles in an attempt to increase the amount of exposure you get and increase the number of backlinks pointing towards your website.

The results you can get from content marketing are not a secret, but it’s not as easy as just writing whatever comes to your mind and publishing it. Your article needs to be search engine friendly, and for that to happen, you need to:

  • Write an article that educates and entertains your audience. People should want to keep reading the article because of its content and the value it holds.
  • Avoid large chunks of text. You’re writing a short blog post, not a dissertation or a Wikipedia article. Ideally, your article should go for around 300-500 words that have substance and valuable information.
  • Keep your paragraphs readable and chop them up into digestible chunks. Six paragraphs for a 300-word article should do it, while more or less eight paragraphs in a 500-word article.

Social Media Marketing

One of the most favored SEO services right now is social media marketing. For businesses, social media marketing is a great platform to gain credibility and traffic easily. They act as a supplemental strategy for your brand’s website, bringing in more people, which means more chances at conversion. Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, and Facebook ad services give you access to millions of users that could potentially become loyal customers and fans of your brand. You can even use your followers as your own brand ambassadors to share your page and put in a good word for you to other potential customers.

SEO Marketing through Video

People are inherently visual beings. We consume media faster when we see stunning images and eye-catching visuals. With video marketing, you can employ a similar approach as article marketing, but in a different format. Instead of just writing content, you produce video tutorials, interactive videos, interviews, or even short documentaries to help promote your brand and website image.

Of course, just like article marketing, you still need to make sure your content is search engine friendly by giving it an exciting headline and description with its own set of keywords.


Why struggle to keep up with all the SEO strategies available today when you can first focus on a select few that are simpler and easier to manage and are sure to give you great results. These three SEO strategies are potent enough to help you grow your business as you gradually learn to explore other strategies and utilize them to their full potential.

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