11 Super Important and Useful Benefits of SEO

The American dream is easier to achieve than ever thanks to the Internet and all the marketing channels that it has available.

One of the largest channels of them all, Search Engine Optimization, allows you to generate leads and advertise in ways like never before.

While many people understand the basic premise of what SEO can offer for their marketing endeavors, they don’t often understand the depth or magnitude of it’s potential.

There are countless benefits of SEO and how it can help you plant a flag in your city’s local search.

Here are 11 highly-important benefits that SEO has for your company.

1. Smoother User Experience on Your Site

By now you’re aware that the key to more Search Engine Optimization is through techniques such as embedded links, easy navigation on your pages, and a closely-knitted connection between all your outlets (social media, website, etc.)

The Google algorithm places all these factors into consideration when it prioritizes websites on a certain keyword search.

This encourages you to have a smooth website and thus, a smooth user experience when they come across your site.

Think about it, never before did companies have more reason to sort out their website, optimize their content, and scale down their pages than now.

That’s all thanks to SEO.

Now, when you have a potential client come across your site, you can expect more clicks and higher conversion rates on your business.

Clients these days want their brands to get straight to the point, and SEO rewards them for doing so.

Search engines are a beautiful cycle. They help navigate more users to your site, and if you maximize those visitors, then they’ll keep sending more and more.

2. A More Knowledgeable Customer

Think about the dark ages before SEO existed in our lives… try not to shiver at the thought.

Prior to SEO, customers weren’t sure how to find the best source for information they were interested in acquiring.

Did they know how to get SOME information?… Sure, but not the BEST source for it.

Now, they have that at their disposal for any possible question they want to ask.

Before SEO, clients were also much more susceptible to becoming overwhelmed by looking at the jumbled mess of information they’d come across on a website.

As was previously mentioned, websites never had much of a reason to keep their content organized before SEO other than to fit their own expectations.

That left site visitors to decypher the blocks of words on a site page and try to find the one piece of information they were searching for.

Nowadays, your site visitors have expectations of what your site and content should look like due to their years of “experience” using Google.

Assuming your site stacks up to that expectation, the customer’s understanding of modern SEO leads to more visits on your site, higher conversion rates, and more client interaction on your pages.

3. SEO Can Be Your Main Source for Leads

Are you trying to build your brand and grow your B2B conversions?

Lucky for you, Search Engine Optimization is one of the best sources for growing your B2B and click-through conversion rates.

This part has a connection to the bevy of connections you have to your site through social media, marketing, advertisements, word-of-mouth, and business or client referrals.

The tricky part is getting ahead of your competition in the search engine listings. If you fail to do so, your website clicks will dramatically decrease from where they could be.

Putting effort into climbing aboard the Google listings will help your organic search spike.

That should be the best news you hear all day, considering organic traffic accounts for 40 percent of your revenue.

Seriously, some of the stats may cause your jaw to drop to the floor…

Over 50 percent of your website traffic is from organic search. Paid search and social media only account for a combined 15 percent.

Page 1 of Google’s search results only hold an average of 10 results, so your goal is to beat the other hundreds of businesses to those spots.

Landing on the first page of Google’s results will hand you around 33% of all search traffic

Meanwhile, if your site is on page 2, it will around 20 percent LESS than those on page 1.

Make this a priority, don’t let organic leads slip through your grasp!

4. Higher Close Rates on Your Site

Did you know that your conversion rates from Search Engine Optimization leads have a close rate of more than 6 times that of an outbound lead?

While old school tactics of grinding-it-out on cold calls still work, they don’t yield results anywhere near the modern SEO-based tactics.

There’s definitely a place for both in your business, but sometimes the world rewards new, innovative styles a bit more.

Many people see an SEO-focused sales technique as being a passive, or even “lazy”, way of targeting sales… But they couldn’t be more wrong.

The hard work and time that’s needed to land your site on the first page of Google’s search results are as much, if not more than the effort of making a prospect list and calling them one-by-one.

The only difference is that SEO creates your prospect list for you. Gone are the days leaning on your sales staff to scan LinkedIn’s search bar for CEO’s that you can call.

Now, even if the visitors don’t close when they organically search for your business, you now have other online tools such as cookies and email marketing to keep the sales cadence moving in the right direction.

Those that search for the products your business have are specifically looking for your services.

No need to convince them of why they should buy your products, your search engine optimized website will do that for you!

5. Cost Management Efficiency

Every business is looking to maximize the return of investment for any marketing or sales venture they place their company through.

No marketing endeavor offers more cost-efficiency than SEO. period.

If you were to get your website on the top search results for Google’s algorithm, there won’t be a need to pay for any paid search-esque expenses top pop up on the listings and reap the benefits.

On top of that, there won’t be a lot of effort needed to retain that title once you’ve reached it since visitors will continue to click on your link.

Moderate upkeep will be the only necessity from that point on.

The content creation aspects of your site, such as blogging and social media, don’t require you to seek help from another company unless you want to.

Those activities can be created and monitored by the talent you have in-house.

6. Upping Your Local Search Game

In order for your company to take the world by storm, you’ll first have to seize the SEO opportunity that you have within your local community.

Local search is one of the best ways to build your brand and online presence.

make sure all your information on Google is up-to-date such as company address, phone number, business hours, etc. 

Ask returning customers to write an online review to solidify yourself and your brand. 

This will not only help you gain local organic searches but more in-person visits as well.

What’s the first thing you do when you want to eat dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant? Search the best spots… right?

Your potential clients are no different. Give them all the info they need to justify visiting your place of business in-person to seal the deal.

7. It Solidifies Your Brand as “Trustworthy”

Having your brand list on the top percentile of Google’s vast search result listings gives customers and visitors the impression you are the titan of your industry.

Think of it this way: when you’re walking around in a shopping mall, you walk by these mannequins dressed in certain brand ensembles.

Whether you realize it or not, your mind immediately thinks these must be the top brands that they have in the store! 

It also makes you view that clothing get-up as more valuable and individualistic than the rest.

The same goes for the connection between your brand and it’s accessibility on Google. 

Being at the bottom of Google’s list won’t make customers think you’re invaluable but worse… they’ll NEVER find your site.

A better reputation for your brand also translates to more clicks, page hopping, and an expedited sales process.

8. Prioritizes Your Site’s Mobile-Compatability

Did you know that Google’s algorithm heavily considers your site’s compatibility to a mobile screen into its top results?

If not, your page 5 pop-up results on Google’s search may be partially self-inflicted.

Never fear, however! Because that’s a relatively easy fix. 

Google’s ultimate goal is to provide its searchers with as smooth and easy of user experience to the website it suggests as possible.

Seeing as how more people search on their mobile phones than desktops nowadays, you’ll want to get your site adjusted ASAP.

This may cost you to do more website renovating than you initially thought, but hold strong! It will be worth it in the end.

9. A Long-Haul Marketing Strategy

The one drawback to the modern marketing world is all of the frequent changes happening to it.

You could be investing all your time and energy into Instagram, then Tik Tok takes over as the hot marketing tool of the week… 

How can you possibly find a marketing strategy that will keep its value for the foreseeable future?

SEO is your answer.

Your hard work to climb the rankings in Google’s top searched results will grant you a marketing plan that holds its strength over the course of several months.

Once a blog post of yours has made it’s way to the top, that baby will serve you lead generation and click-through opportunities for months to come!

10. More Social Media Followers

Have you always seen your company’s social media outlets as it’s weakness?

No matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to crack the code of gaining more than 2-3 new followers a week.

Many companies exhaust their efforts on trying to have their social media channels push their website. Little do they know, they would see a better return doing the opposite.

Pushing your social media through your Search Engine-optimized website will help you gain followers by the hundreds (maybe thousands). 

From there, your social media outlets can serve their purpose of keeping your brand at the forefront of your client’s mind.

11. The Easiest Way to Defeat Your Competition

What’s the easiest way to bury your competitors? Push them down the Google search rankings and take 33 percent of the total search traffic, simultaneously.

That’s just assuming your competition is trying to use SEO as well. If they aren’t, then their loss is your gain, and you’ll see even more of the market turning to your site.

Every successful business has it’s the secret sauce, let SEO be yours.

Start to Reap the Benefits of SEO Today!

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Getting your website to the top of Google’s search results will take time.

While you may not see the benefits of SEO right away, they’ll reward you handsomely in time.

Be sure to read this article on the difference between white hat and black hat SEO.

That will help you understand two different SEO concepts that can help your business.

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