The Best AI Tools for SEO

Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more accessible nowadays, with the likes of ChatGPT and other assistance platforms helping to streamline workflows and generate ideas.

So why can’t this technology help you with your SEO? The answer is that it can!  

There are a variety of SEO-specific AI tools on the market, so you don’t have to risk using a generalist tool to assist your SEO optimization.

In this article, we’ll be looking at a selection of eight of the best AI tools for SEO! For each tool, we’ll be looking at:

  • What kind of SEO or stage of SEO the tool is best for
  • What kind of features the tool offers
  • The pricing plans for each tool

Let’s get into it.


MarketMuse is designed as a holistic assessment tool for websites. Considering the pages as a whole, the tool can highlight areas of strength or weakness – meaning you’re better able to understand the aspects you need to work on!

Similarly, it can help identify topics that you may want to write about next by scraping your website, identifying keywords, and looking at your competitors.


Best For

Forward planning and competitive analysis.


  • Metrics of success based on your content, not just generic ones
  • Identify content at risk of being out-competed, or content that you are likely to be able to rank for
  • Produce article briefs
  • General content optimization.


The tool has a range of pricing options, including a free tier. However, this free tier is of limited use, providing only five queries per month and limited analysis features.

The standard paid tier will set you back $149 per month (or $1500 per year), but still won’t get you access to all the features.  

For that, you’ll need to upgrade either to the team plan ($399 per month), or the custom option, which has a negotiable price.


Frase is aimed at helping you write articles that are as search engine friendly as possible.

Whether you use it to generate content briefs that you then work on, or have it write an entire article or page, it aims to ensure you can create effective content quickly.


Best For

Content and brief creation.


  • Content brief generation
  • Content scoring and identifying keywords for particular articles
  • Various organizational tools to streamline the writing and editing process
  • Content generation (only with Pro).


Frase offers a variety of pricing options, from $14.99 a month at its lowest tier to $114.99 a month for teams. They also have some features locked behind their Pro add-on, which is an extra $35 on top of whichever plan you choose.

INK (Inkforall)

Inkforall is another great AI-based tool for SEO and content creation.  

Unlike the other tools we’ve looked at so far, it comes with an AI content shield tool as well as AI writer and SEO tools.  

This allows you to make sure you are not penalized for having AI content on your website, and to ensure any submitted content is written by a human.

The Best AI Tools for SEO 1

Best For 

Those wanting an AI assistant for human writing.


  • Image and content creation by AI
  • AI content shield and plagiarism checker
  • SEO and writing assistance from AI
  • Private communities on Discord and Facebook focusing on upskilling you in marketing strategies.


INK offers two tiers of pricing, with the professional tier at $39 per month (billed yearly), and the enterprise tier at $99 per month (billed yearly).  

They also offer a free trial of the professional tier, which doesn’t require a credit card to start!


SurferSEO is another great tool for optimizing your content using AI.  

It works in tandem with a human writer, continuously analyzing an article for how well-optimized it is and what aspects could be improved.

They support a wide variety of languages, including Italian, Russian, and Japanese, along with many others.

The Best AI Tools for SEO 2
Surfer SEO

Best For

Creation of content in multiple/less-common languages.


  • Optimization of existing pages
  • Real-time feedback on optimization of an article while it’s being written
  • Plagiarism detector
  • Integrates with a variety of existing content creation tools and platforms
  • Keyword research capabilities.


SurferSEO has pricing starting at $49 per month for their cheapest plan and ranging up to $199 per month or more.  

More expensive plans get you more features, but even their basic plan comes with a variety of features. Plus, they also offer some free tools on their website, such as their article outline generator.


Copy.ai provides a variety of different tools for AI-assisted writing, from spheres such as eCommerce and sales to standard blog writing optimization. It can also be used as an email assistant and gives a variety of options for each prompt you supply.

The Best AI Tools for SEO 3
Copy AI

Best For

Users who write a variety of different kinds of articles.


  • AI-generated content writing
    • Blog-specific
    • eCommerce specific
    • Social media content
    • Advertising-specific
  • More than 90 different tools for content generation.


Copy.ai comes with a free tier, which is great for those looking for an AI tool on a budget.  

However, to get the full set of features and language support, you’ll need to upgrade to at least the pro plan at $36 per month. They also offer a plan for enterprise customers.


CanIRank is heavily data-driven, ensuring that its recommendations are backed by evidence.

It also works from a large database of websites, meaning that it can help you with understanding what your competitors are targeting and where you should shore up your SEO.

The Best AI Tools for SEO 4

Best For

Small businesses and startups looking for content optimization and who are happy to write their own content, but would like additional advice/direction.


  • Content idea suggestions
  • Keyword and SEO reports
  • Competitive analysis tools
  • Track rankings.


CanIRank offers both a DIY and a full-service model, allowing you either to use the tool as it stands, or get in touch with a team of humans behind the scenes.  

The DIY version starts at a free tier, with prices ranging up to $299 per month for the fullest set of features.  

Their full-service offering has a price depending on your needs and interaction with the team.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is another great tool for SEO.  

While it’s not obvious from the front page, SE Ranking does use AI in its on-page SEO checker – helping you quickly and easily understand any flaws in your content.

The Best AI Tools for SEO 5
SE Ranking

Best For

Users wanting to check SEO on already-created/manually-created content.


  • SEO checker applied to existing web pages
  • Keyword ranking checker
  • Competitive analysis tools
  • Backlink checker.


SE Ranking offers three pricing tiers, ranging between $39.20 and $191.20 per month.


WriterZen is another great option for search engine optimization.

While it might not have the range that some of the other products do, it’s still good for keyword checking.

WriterZen has an AI writing assistant that can write for you in various ways, including writing paragraphs from existing headers.

The Best AI Tools for SEO 6

Best For 

Those focusing on content creation with a side interest in SEO.


  • Plagiarism checker
  • Content creator and AI assistant
  • Keyword finder and explorer
  • Topic explorer and discovery.


WriterZen offers three pricing tiers, ranging between $27 and $69 per month. However, their basic tier offers almost all of the features, albeit with the use of some being limited.

The Bottom Line

AI promises to change the face of many industries, and SEO is no exception.  

Hopefully, these tools have given you some insights into how you can use AI to accelerate your content creation and optimization process!

If you need help with content or SEO, jump on a free discovery call with us!

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