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A Case Study on Cash Auto Salvage


We came in to assist Cash Auto Salvage in 2017 with a challenging goal: rank as high as possible for thousands of keywords in at least every major city in the United States.

They had flat-lined (as shown in the graph below) and competition was ramping up. We decided to take an aggressive approach to their SEO strategy and it has resulted in explosive growth of 3900%!

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The Problem

Cash Auto Salvage was handling SEO efforts internally for a while and then transitioned to hiring an agency to assist with the issue of not being able to generate significant results. 

The agency they hired during the 2016 period ended up not producing (this is a common fear among business owners when hiring an agency for SEO work). 

As you can see from the graph below, between July 2015 and early January 2017, there was no real traffic growth to their website. 

Automotive SEO 1

We began our conversation with the Cash Auto Salvage team late 2016 and put together a strategy to be implemented at the start of 2017.

The Solution

The first issue that we needed to tackle was the website as a whole. There is no sense in generating traffic to a website that won’t convert that traffic.

We updated their logo, color scheme, and completely revamped the website not only for aesthetics, but for conversion and for SEO.

Once the website overhaul was complete, we then moved on to implementing our long-term SEO strategy. 

The very first thing that we needed to do was run a complete audit to check for broken links, duplicate content, missing page titles & descriptions, and URL structures – to name just a few. 

After fixing issues, we began creating quality content, building links, optimizing page titles & descriptions, speeding up the website, and a whole lot more.

The end result is shown below in the 3-year chart. 

We were able to grow their organic traffic from 1,700 visits per month to over 68,000 visits per month (a 3900% increase) as well as increase their conversion rate by 10%!

Automotive SEO 3

Working with Antonio & the GHAX team has been one of the best decisions that we have made as a company.

Marc, President at Cash Auto Salvage

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