7 Design Flaws That Will Slow Down Your Website Traffic

The main goal of any website is to drive traffic. It doesn’t really serve its purpose if it is not receiving any visitors. Even if you think you have an outstanding website that is perfectly set up for visitors, it may have some issues that are crippling the amount of traffic you could be getting.

When using web design services, it’s important to keep an eye out for these particular design flaws that will essentially block your website traffic growth.

No Mobile Compatibility

In 2021, mobile devices were responsible for 54.8 percent of website traffic in the world. That is a massive segment of users that you are immediately alienating if your website is not optimized for mobile viewing. Not only will mobile users themselves tend to just click away to a new tab, but search engines will also lower your ranking in results pages. 

Bad Loading Speeds

We are at a point in history where nobody has the time or attention span to wait more than three seconds for a page to load. If your website isn’t designed to finish loading quickly, the tendency is that people won’t stick around patiently. Make sure your site doesn’t have operation hogs that are causing it to work like a snail.

Broken or Dead Links

A broken or dead link will lead your visitors on the road to nowhere. For most users, that is a major red flag that means they won’t be returning to your site anymore. This also hurts your SEO since bad link equity tanks search engine rankings. Make sure you always check if your links are active and actually lead to the intended landing page or resource.

Lack of Backlinks

Quality backlinks are the best way to show the algorithm that your website is trustworthy. They pretty much stand like endorsements stating that your site is worth peddling to the masses typing in their search queries. The right backlinks can even be major traffic drivers as people click on them to get to your resources.

Spammy Ads

People don’t really have any love for ads. Tastefully done, they can be effective. However, put one too many and you will either turn people away or distract them too much. It’s a lose-lose situation because you either get annoyed visitors that will just avoid your site for being spammy or they end up clicking on an ad that immediately diverts them elsewhere.

Bad User Design

First of all, you don’t want an ugly website. If it’s hard on the eyes or outdated, you will turn away users. Next, you want to make sure the user experience is optimized. If your site is hard to navigate, search engines will not drive traffic to your site.

Duplicate Content

If you have multiple instances of the same exact content throughout your site, search engines will spot it right away. From there, they will start ignoring whole sections of your site and lessen the traffic that comes your way. This is because it won’t be deemed useful to visitors anymore. 

Double-check for doubles to make sure you don’t have the same content across pages.


When building your website, consider those factors the seven deadly sins. Any conversion optimization agency will advise you to fix or avoid any of those mistakes if you want to get more leads. Web design goes beyond what your site looks like at a glance, so it’s essential to be careful with every aspect of its structure. 

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