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Reviews are effective

Customer reviews can make or break the online reputation of your business. And not properly managing reviews is one sure way to let things spiral out of control. 

With G-STARS, we help you get great reviews from customers on autopilot.

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Amplify your business

Having a higher number of 4 and 5 star reviews can truly separate you from the competition. 

Not only that, if these reviews are posted on your Google Business profile, you may just get a boost in ranking as well. 

Review Management for Local Business

Years ago, personal recommendations were made by word of mouth. While that still may be the case, most people have shifted where and how they share their opinions of international brands and local businesses alike. Instead of telling a relative or neighbor about a stellar (or sub-par) experience, it’s likely a customer will instead choose to type out their thoughts and post them online.

Living in the digital age, we have constant access to a wealth of information. Having a way for customers to share their experiences on a public, easily accessible forum can actually be a good thing. It can allow you to solidify your reputation and prove just how beloved your organization is within the community you serve. That said, it takes work to ensure your most satisfied customers will feel compelled to leave a positive review — and to create an experience that will be worthy of one.

Of course, not every customer will be willing to give you a five-star rating. You might think that a couple of bad reviews might taint your public perception. But actually, consumers expect a few bad reviews. It’s all about how you handle those reviews that counts.

What Happens When Review Management For Local Businesses Goes Wrong?

Unfortunately, business owners and managers may get themselves into trouble when it comes to managing and responding to those critiques. Certainly, some reviews may be made by dishonest or vindictive people (who may or may not have purchased your goods or services). The majority of reviews, however, will likely be posted by people who might make legitimate points or who felt that their customer service experience was lacking in some way. 

As a business owner, you’ll probably find it difficult to put aside your personal investment. It’s easy to become defensive when reading a negative review pertaining to an endeavor you care about so much (and have likely invested so much time and money in). But if your first instinct is to place blame on the reviewer, prove that you were right in a given situation, or simply try to ignore the problem in the hopes that it’ll disappear… you may end up with egg on your face.

Ultimately, customers know that perfection isn’t possible. But they do expect businesses they support to do everything they can to make a situation right. They care much more about how you respond to reviews than they do about there being a negative review in the first place.

Why Should Marketing Strategies For Local Businesses Include Review Management?

We know how hard it can be to separate your personal stake in your business from what needs to objectively be done. If a situation is being misrepresented in a review or you weren’t given the opportunity to make an experience right before the review was posted, you may understandably feel frustrated and hurt. Those feelings can make it hard to think clearly and respond to reviews in a constructive and compassionate way — which can, in turn, end up hurting your business.

That’s why any strategy developed as part of digital marketing for local businesses should include reputation and review management. We’ll help to ensure that you garner more positive reviews, minimize negative reviews, improve response times and other insights, and amp up customer engagement. 

Customers want a timely response that prioritizes personal connection and accommodation. But as a business owner with countless responsibilities and pressures to contend with, you may find it an impossible challenge to keep up. Let us help you manage your reputation and key interactions with active customers. For more information on our services pertaining to review management for local business owners, please contact us today.

How do you get a 5 star rating on Google?

Getting 5 star ratings on Google starts with you. If you’re a business owner, focus on providing the best possible service that you can to your customers. Happy customers will leave great 5 star reviews on your Google My Business profile. Make it easy for customers to leave a review by having a link on your website, a link in emails, and if you have a physical location, consider setting up a screen where customers can leave a review on the spot.