A Guide To Getting High Quality Backlinks

The internet has taken things by storm and businesses are struggling to get hold of customers who are consistently using it to find goods and services. One common internet marketing strategy that you must have heard about is SEO.

SEO is the science of being visible on the search engines that people use to look for businesses or commodities. There are several things one can do to improve their SEO, and a notable one is getting backlinks.

Google uses several things to determine the relevance of a search query, and this affects the rankings. This way, they look at how reputable a page or website is on the internet since this indicates how reliable they are. Backlinks are the main things used to determine a website’s reputation in SEO.

Understanding Backlinks

So, what are backlinks? These are hyperlinks that are put on web pages and link to another.

They are also referred to as inbound links and act as a vote of confidence from a single site to another.

Having several backlinks to your site means that other people are applauding your content and this gives the search engines an impression that your content is good.

Starting a backlink campaign is not easy since the number of backlinks that might be needed to get your site to number one on the SERPs will put you off. But does that mean that you should give up already and look at other possibilities?


Even the sites that have 100,000 backlinks started from somewhere, and you could kickstart your campaign and start building your backlink profile slowly.

If you want to see what type of backlinks you currently have, it’s best to run a site audit – which you can do for free.

Quality Backlinks

A few years back, the number of backlinks was a huge determinant of the way a website ranks.

But this is not the case anymore.

Search engines look at the quality and not the quantity of these links. Tricking the search engines by getting links from spammy web pages will work for some time but once this is discovered, your site will suffer.

You need to strive and get top quality backlinks and rankings through the well-trusted sites that have a high domain authority. This is vital since the top three aspects that Google uses when determining website rankings are the domain authority, external link anchor text, and strength of these external links. Building high-quality backlinks will take some time, but it is the right way to go since you do not run the risks of getting fined by Google. Here are some ways of getting high-quality backlinks;

Build Good Relationships

This is one of the best ways of getting top quality backlinks.

You need to start establishing good relations with people in your niche for them to know you and what you are doing. People cannot link to your site if they do not know who you are. While this might not have instant success, they will set you on course for the future. Set yourself up as an authority in your area and start contributing to topics and trending issues in this area.

You can take advantage of social media to share your content and engage with the people who are having conversations about these topics. Be honest and share your personal experiences about the matter and people will start noticing you. By doing this, you will get an opportunity to interact with notable people in the area and even guest blog for them. They will want to check out your website and what you have posted, and this will make them want to insert links to your content on their pages.

Write Great Content

People will be naturally obliged to link to your content if it is worth linking to. This is the heart of getting quality backlinks.

Strive to come up with outstanding content since the people who link to it want to associate with top quality material. Don’t focus on the subject matter only when crafting great content. Look at other vital things surrounding the content such as the word count, title, images, meta descriptions and featured pictures.

Check out other top ranking articles and posts to get an idea of what’s working well.

Find Broken Links

Broken links are common and can hamper your ability to get top quality ones. You need to be aware of them since they could harm your website.

Links on websites redirect to different pages, and as sites keep moving this content around, the links become broken or nonexistent, meaning that customers are hit with an error page when they click on those links. Due to this, search engines are unable to crawl these pages and throws up a red flag.

You need to find these links and either remove them or replace them with a valid link that redirects to content.

Use Infographics

Internet users are known for their impatience, and this makes them prefer images that they can easily skim through and get information.

Not only that, other content marketers like to share infographics, giving you another opportunity for a backlink.

Aim to create infographics that are informative and engaging since other site owners will be inclined to share them, winning you a valuable and genuine backlink.

Need help designing an infographic? You can do so on the cheap by hiring a student designer.

Writing Testimonials and Reviews

You might be skeptical to do this since you will be praising other businesses and making them better poised to steal your customers. Surprisingly, writing reviews and testimonials offer you a chance to get a quality backlink to your page.

Most of the pages that allow people to post testimonials and reviews have a spot where the author can write their contact information, and this includes their site. By inserting your URL on where prompted, you automatically earn a useful backlink. You can also comment on other posts and tactically insert a backlink to your pages. When posting comments, do it with the aim of praising the author and building relationship that will help in your quest for quality backlinks.

In other words… don’t spam.

Some of the ways you can use to get top quality backlinks have been mentioned above. It might seem an impossibility, but if you are consistent with your efforts, the results will come sooner than you expect. Most of the mentioned tips revolve around building good relationships, and if you do that, you will establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

If you prefer to have help with building links or your overall SEO, we can help!

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