Welcome from the IACKids Gala!

If you’re viewing this page, you’re most likely interested in bidding on the website giveaway at the 2020 IACKids Open Your Hearts Gala. If there is another reason that you’re here, you’re probably in the wrong place.

Let’s get down to what’s included with the auction item.

New website setup or redesign of existing website

We work exclusively with the WordPress and Wix platforms and cannot do work on custom-coded websites. If you need a new website setup, we’ll build it on the WordPress platform as it’s our preferred and recommended option. 

Up to 5, informative-style pages

This means that we will do work on up to 5 pages that don’t have complex functionality such as logins, memberships, shopping, checkout, or payments. An example of a 5 page informative setup would be: Home page, About page, Service pages, Contact page.

1 FREE Year of Hosting

Assuming that we are either building you a new site or redesigning your current site and hosting on our server. If you already have a website and a hosting account, we will NOT pay your current host. This is only included if you host with us. Additionally, if you require a domain name (such as, yourbusiness.com), the cost of acquiring the domain name is NOT included (these can usually be purchased for an annual fee of $12-$30).

Use as a credit

If you have a larger project, such as a website with more than 5 pages or one with complex functionality such as memberships, ecommerce, etc., then you can apply the value of this auction item ($2500) towards your project. It cannot, however, be redeemed for cash.

The fine print

The value of this auction item is $2,500 and is not redeemable for cash or towards marketing services. It can be used for exactly what is stated above or applied towards a larger website project that is contracted to GHAX Inc. 

Have additional questions?

Text me at (585) 857-9143
Or, find me at the event.

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