The Benefits of PPC Marketing

You may have heard about the “ad sales slowdown” in 2022. Don’t let that fool you, as Google is still selling $56 billion in ads every quarter, making it the largest ad platform in the world by far. In other words, don’t think advertisers are trending away from PPC ads.

PPC marketing is still alive and well, and if your enterprise isn’t using them, then it’s missing out on a lot of potential leads. Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of PPC marketing for your business!

Challenges With PPC Marketing

Before we discuss the benefits of PPC marketing, let’s understand some of the challenges. Here are a few of the most common challenges PPC advertisers face.

Consistent Costs

There is some benefit to having consistent cost, as you know what to expect.

However, there is also little room for decreasing expenses, especially when compared to other marketing tools. Organic marketing strategies typically cost a lot upfront, but there’s a “light at the end of the tunnel” when costs tend to decline dramatically.

Still, improving your conversion rates will make ads more worthwhile and increase your ROI over time, but you will still have to continue spending money on ads to keep generating revenue.

Once you have a high-quality ad campaign, you won’t need to overspend on ad creation. Also, you’re only getting what you paid for with PPC campaigns, as you only need to pay for each click!

Varying Cost Per Click

No, this isn’t an oxymoron or a contradiction. You will have to consistently spend on varying keywords with PPC campaigns.

On platforms like Google Ads, you will have to bid on keywords. You may not have to pay the entire bid every time, but these costs can add up. That’s true for highly specific, long-tail keywords as well as general, short-tail keywords.

For example, if you are bidding on a keyword like “used car,” then you can expect to bid a little over $3 per click. That isn’t outrageously high, but it could be lower. Still, how many of those clicks are going to convert?

Assuming your goal is to sell new cars, how many people will prefer your prices, want to buy from a dealer instead of an owner, or even have the intent of buying a vehicle? People who are just browsing, who found another dealer, or who are turned away from your website for whatever reason will cost you $3 per click.

Conversely, bidding on a keyword like “divorce lawyer Massachusetts” could cost up to $30 per click on Google. Still, you can generally expect a roughly ten times higher conversion rate on such a specific keyword. However, you still need to keep in mind that there is no guaranteed payout for these potentially high costs.

Also, remember that the same keywords can vary in expense, not just long-tail and short-tail keywords. This can lead to varying costs over time as a result of the bidding process.

Ad Creation

This is typically for new businesses that haven’t used PPC marketing before. However, like any digital marketing tool, there is a learning curve.

Still, if you don’t have the in-house talent necessary for ad creation, then you may need to hire out. Content creation needs to engage an audience and convince them to buy a product or service, which comes with high competition.

Benefits of PPC Marketing

As you can see, a business can easily overcome the challenges of PPC advertising with due diligence. Here are some of the most important benefits of PPC marketing.

Fast Results

One of the greatest benefits of PPC marketing is how quickly it can generate revenue. We always suggest diversifying your paid and organic marketing efforts, but organic marketing takes time.

If your business is just starting out or facing a rough patch, you may not have that time. Building an email newsletter list, social media following, or SEO strategy can take months or even years to start yielding results.

Conversely, a successful PPC marketing campaign can begin generating revenue (or other intended conversions) the same day that it’s launched. If you’re facing challenges with short funds or slow business at the moment, PPC ads could be the solution you need.

Expert Targeting

We’ve all been victims of a successful, targeted ad in one way or another, whether we realize it or not. Google, Facebook, and other ad platforms have only become more sophisticated in finding the right target audience for advertisers over time. 

This means that if you want to reach young women aged 18 to 24 who use certain makeup products, you can. Want to reach middle-aged men who are going through a divorce? You can find them.

We can argue about whether it’s good or bad, but the truth is that there’s virtually no demographic that you can’t find. Over 85% of Americans are online every day, which inevitably connects them to this web to some extent.

Easy Analysis

Analysis is the most important aspect of a successful PPC campaign. Fortunately, it’s also one of the easiest.

With tools like Google Analytics and others available, you can easily automate, personalize, and track your PPC marketing campaign for the metrics that matter to you. This way, you can make adjustments as necessary over time, which will help you improve your campaigns. Over time, this will yield higher conversion rates.

How to Get the Most Out of Your PPC Campaign

Now that you know why PPC marketing is so popular, along with some of the challenges it poses, you may want to get started. Here are some PPC marketing tips to ensure that your efforts aren’t wasted!

Improve Your Website

Your website is the number one factor you can control to get the most out of your PPC campaigns. It will also improve your social media, email, and SEO campaigns. Remember, your website is the de facto center of your entire digital marketing strategy.

The more user-friendly and legible your website is, the higher your conversion rates will be. The higher your conversion rates, the higher your ROI.

Conversely, when your website is outdated, hard to navigate, or if it has trouble loading, you will lose users along the way. Overall, make sure you optimize your website for fast loading times, mobile devices, and a quality user experience. You can test your site’s mobile optimization online to see how it holds up.

We recommend checking your entire journey from your ad campaign. This means going to your landing page and trying to navigate, as a user, anywhere you may want them to go. Do you run into challenges or notice anything that may deter them?

If so, that’s where you should start. A high-quality website is the way to go, but extra focus on this journey is critical to a successful ad campaign. Remember, it will only save you money in the long run.

Build Quality Ad Content

One thing Google and Facebook can’t help you with is the content of the ad itself. The more eye-catching and enticing your advertisement, the more engagement it will receive.

Of course, this requires different techniques for every type of ad. A video ad may require a videographer or animator, a display ad may require a graphic designer, and a search ad may only require some keyword research. Regardless, make sure your ad stands out from the competition and drives your intended message home.

Get Professional Help

Finally, the best thing you can do to avoid wasting money on a PPC ad campaign is to get professional help. This is especially important for young companies with limited funds, as generating revenue and preserving your budget should be your top priorities.

With the help of the right PPC services, you can see results as soon as possible. It may even help prevent you from going over budget! PPC marketing services will help you create, monitor, and improve your ad campaigns over time.

Launch Your Campaign Today

Now that you know the challenges and benefits of PPC marketing in today’s digital world, you can see why they’re so popular. Organizations of all sizes use PPC ads in their marketing strategies to some extent, and you’re missing out if you don’t already! Follow our tips above, stay consistent, always try to improve, and get the right help.

Stay up to date with our latest digital marketing tips, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or for help with your PPC campaign!

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