Will ChatGPT Impact SEO?

Over one million people used ChatGPT in the week after it was released. This might be one of the most popular artificial intelligence programs ever made. 

ChatGPT may be the trend that everyone is talking about, but it’s not just a passing fad. This amazing bot can do everything from creating movie scripts to writing novels. It can also create quality SEO content. 

Want to learn more about how ChatGPT can take your SEO campaign to the next level? We’ve put this guide together to help you understand the capabilities of the system and how it can change things in the future. 

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT was created by a company called Open AI. This California company is responsible for the creation of a range of other bots including GPT3 and DALL-E. If you’re active on social media, you may have seen some of the amazing artwork produced by this weird and wonderful art bot. 

The company received investment from billionaires like Elon Musk and even received a billion-dollar cash injection from Microsoft. Microsoft continues to provide technical support and the computation power required to run the bot. 

You’ve probably encountered chatbots before. Maybe you spoke to SmarterChild back in the days of MSN Messenger, or you might have asked a bot for help on a corporate website. ChatGPT is in an entirely different class.

This bot uses learning technology to continuously improve and adapt to new situations. It draws from a vast range of sources to create original content. 

Think of a writer with an extensive education, who had spent decades reading articles on the internet, consuming movies and TV shows, and reading books. Then imagine that they had never forgotten a single word of what they’d read, all while filtering out any falsehoods or misleading pieces of information they might have picked up. This is the power of ChatGPT.

This is one reason ChatGPT has attracted so much attention in recent times. Its capabilities are unrivaled and it can perform far more complex tasks than any other known AI.

Anyone can try ChatGPT for themselves, but when the service is at capacity, you might have to go on a waiting list. Open AI is working on increasing the bot’s capacity to meet demand and it’s only a matter of time before it becomes more widely used. 

The Death of Search Engines?

Some people have speculated that ChatGPT might lead to the death of search engines. After all, why would someone use Google or Yahoo when they can get a direct answer from a bot?

This concept is up for debate, but it seems unlikely that search engines are going to fall. They provide a totally different service from even the most sophisticated AI. Having a range of results allows people to pick and choose the kind of content they want to consume. 

Besides, habits die hard. People have been using search engines for decades now and practically everyone turns to Google when they need to ask a question. 

Instead of thinking about potential downsides, it’s worth thinking about the advantages such a service can offer. There are myriad ways this system can help to improve SEO marketing campaigns. 

Quicker Content?

How quickly can a freelancer create an amazing article for you? Even the fastest freelancer in the West can probably only churn out 1,000 words every hour or so. Even then, focusing on speed can compromise the quality of your content.

ChatGPT can produce AI content quicker than any writer possibly could. And if it’s not right, you can get a redo in the blink of an eye. No more waiting around for days while a freelancer tries to write you a blog post, then spending more days waiting for a rewrite.

Just think of the possibilities. You could whip up dozens of blog posts in a day, just by inputting a few key details. ChatGPT could provide your blog with a new post every day for a year with just a few hours of work on your part. 

But without a human touch and some backup from experts, your content could lack a little quality. It’s important not to rely on bots to take the lead with your marketing since they’re still prone to making all kinds of mistakes. 

Cut Costs?

Making use of ChatGPT can even help your business to cut costs. Although the benefits of a good SEO campaign can be practically unlimited, it’s still a good idea to cut down on the costs of a campaign if possible.

While there is a cost associated with using ChatGPT, and you’ll still need to pay for the strategic elements of the campaign, allowing a bot to create content instead of a writer is a great way to reduce your outgoings. 

It’s worth keeping an eye on the progress of the program and its pricing changes. Open AI aims to make billions in profits over the coming years, so it may rack up the charges considerably. 

More Creative Content?

The human brain is an amazing thing, capable of thinking in all kinds of ways. This is the organ that created everything from the Sistine Chapel to The Simpsons. But if you’re commissioning lots of SEO content, you might notice you’re getting a lot of the same types of content.

Some freelancers who write SEO content often create multiple pieces of content every day, sometimes 10 or more articles. Often, they write about the same topics over and over again. This can lead to writers getting set in their ways and producing a lot of similar content.

ChatGPT doesn’t suffer from this issue. The system is capable of writing in a whole range of styles and it won’t repeatedly reuse styles and phrases from previous articles as human writers are prone to doing. 

Demanding creativity in your written content is especially important for a long-term campaign. Your campaign might require dozens or even hundreds of articles covering the same topic. Writers may find it difficult to make every piece different and your blog could quickly end up saturated with similar content. 

Titles and Keywords

Any SEO campaign will fall down without a solid basis in titles and keywords. Thinking of the right ones for your campaign requires a specific skill set. 

ChatGPT can provide some suggestions for titles and keywords, but this is a process that’s best handled by a professional with years of experience. You can’t afford to take a risk with this vital element of your SEO campaign. 


If you’ve been running an SEO campaign for a while, you might have a lot of older blogs and other pieces of content. And why not? Even years-old blogs can pull in a healthy number of visitors to your site if they were well-made at first. 

It’s a good idea to audit this content every now and then to ensure it’s still solid enough to be on your website. This can be a time-consuming process. But ChatGPT can go over your previous content to suggest improvements.

ChatGPT can’t be expected to function as well as an SEO professional in this field. Despite its processing power, it doesn’t have the intricate knowledge of an experienced SEO professional. 

The Limits

Although ChatGPT represents a dramatic leap forward in automation, it’s not perfect. The content the program compiles is good, but it’s not as good as something a true professional can create.

Planning is another area where the bot is lacking. Every good SEO campaign is underpinned by a solid strategy and although ChatGPT will come up with a plan if you ask it for one, it’s unlikely to be the most cutting-edge strategy. 

This is why you should work with a quality marketing company, even if you do plan on using ChatGPT. The day may come when robots can run marketing campaigns single-handedly, but it hasn’t arrived yet. 

A Combined Approach

If you decide to use ChatGPT to assist with your SEO campaign, there’s still a need to work with SEO professionals. Although this AI is powerful, it still has its share of problems. Expert marketers are required to check over the content and make tweaks where necessary. 

This option gives you the best of both worlds. You’re enjoying the sheer power and creativity of ChatGPT while still benefiting from a human touch to add a little warmth to your content and cut out any errors.

Still, this means your marketing professionals may be able to spend far less time on the nuts and bolts of the operation, reducing your costs while still providing you with a quality service. 

Marketing Help for Your Business

In an increasingly competitive market, you need every edge you can get. Like it or not, AI like ChatGPT is here to stay and its reach is only set to expand over the coming days.  We can help you stay ahead of the curve and create great SEO content even against the competition. 

From running an SEO campaign to creating backlinks for your website, we can help. Arrange a free strategy session today to find out more about how we can help you take your marketing campaign into the future. 

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