7 Types of Local SEO Services for Your Business

Local businesses form the backbone of the US economy. There are over 32 million of them across the country! But since 50% fail in the first five years, it’s vital to take every step possible to appeal to customers. 

Many businesses are using local SEO services to reach out to their community. But how can a local SEO company help you to attract new customers? Many people don’t understand the power of search engine optimization.

The best companies use different techniques to boost your SEO. We’ve produced this article to help you understand how these businesses can help you. Let’s look at some of the key services local SEO companies offer.

1. Auditing

A local SEO audit allows you to assess the current state of your website. This knowledge allows you to make changes based on the current shortcomings of your web presence. 

We can assess how well your website is performing, measuring its position in various search engines. We’ll also take a look at how many of your site visitors come from search engines and how many come from other sources, like social media.

During the audit, SEO services might note some issues that are preventing your website from performing to its maximum potential. If that occurs, we can put some quick fixes in place to help you get back on track. 

2. Strategy

Once the audit has been completed, it’s time to assemble a solid SEO campaign strategy. Strong SEO campaigns use the perfect balance of effective SEO tactics, like blogging and 

A good local SEO business ought to be able to build a special strategy that works for your company. Different circumstances require varied approaches, so it’s not good to use a one-size-fits-all approach. The right company will gather as much information as possible and work with you to create something amazing. 

3. Blogging

If you visit any business website nowadays, you’ll probably notice a blog. That’s because blogs are vital to SEO. They also allow businesses to tell customers about their products or services while boosting their SEO at the same time. 

Blogs can be optimized for SEO purposes by using carefully chosen keywords in the article. We will research keywords specifically for your needs, helping your blog to reach your target customers. We’ll place the keywords carefully around your blog posts, ensuring they stand out and catch the eye. 

SEO companies can tinker “under the hood” with a blog to make it even more effective. Altering the meta tags, short descriptions, and categories of each post can help your blogs to perform better. 

The best blogs also provide content that is genuinely valuable to readers. It could impart some useful information or offer a new perspective on a topic. 

4. Link Building

Links to your website are so important for SEO. They point people in the direction of your site, getting more eyes on your products and services. More importantly, links to your site show search engines that your site is popular.

Popularity means your site will be ranked higher in search results. In turn, you’ll attract more potential customers to your website! 

Some unscrupulous SEO companies offer black hat link building. They may add links to their private blog networks, a web of sites owned by the SEO company. While you may be impressed by the speed and low cost of this kind of service, these links are of extremely low or even negative value. 

If you work with us for link-building services, you can be sure we will provide high-quality backlinks. We will reach out to relevant pages to find quality link-building opportunities that will benefit you for years to come. 

5. Social Media SEO

Social media is important for any business. Social media SEO can help your business to stand on popular social networking sites.

It works just like regular SEO, with specially chosen keywords forming a key part of the strategy. They can be used in hashtags, account descriptions, or just standard posts. This will help potential customers to find your page.

If your social media accounts aren’t performing as well as you’d like, some SEO love could help them to improve. We can tie these SEO techniques into a more general marketing campaign, including social media ads

6. Google Maps Marketing

The majority of online shoppers use Google Maps to find businesses. So, if you aren’t listed on Google Maps, you could be losing so much custom. 

Ensuring your business is prominently listed on Maps also boosts SEO. That’s why we will ensure your company has an updated listing with the right keywords in the description. 

Once completed, this process means customers will see pictures of your business alongside some key details about what you offer.

7. Technical SEO

Certain technical services can help your website perform better for SEO purposes. You may not realize this, but issues like your page load speed and site architecture can impact your site’s search engine performance!

We’ve got the skills and knowledge to make these technical fixes. You’ll be surprised how much of an impact this behind-the-scenes work can have. 

Get Quality Local SEO Services

In the increasingly competitive digital landscape, it’s vital to boost your SEO. By working with quality local SEO services, you can get exceptional results.

GHAX Digital Marketing offers a wide range of packages to suit all kinds of local businesses. We can work with you to craft a bespoke strategy for your business. Book a call today to find out more about how we can help.

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