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Do you show up?

When someone is searching for a local business, almost half click through to a website or make a phone call from a Google Map listing. Are you showing up?

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Google Maps Marketing is the primary source of leads among businesses and non-profit organizations. If your target audience can’t find you when they’re searching on Google, you could be losing your consumers to the competition.

GHAX offers premier local SEO services that are customized to your business and its pain points. We’ll develop the best possible approach to SEO for your local business to drive growth and influence marketing efforts.

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Google Local 3 Pack

Benefits Of Local SEO For Businesses

Local SEO takes the process of search engine optimization even farther to specifically target consumers in your surrounding area. With an estimated 211 million people using their smartphones for searches by 2020, this type of optimization can make it easier for locals, and even passersby to find your business.

Local business SEO services work by adding your exact geographic location into a search engine listing.

This means if a customer searches “X services near me”, their smartphone will pick up their location and prompt the search engine to deliver results in that area, i.e. your business. A few of the most significant benefits of this include:

Increased Web Traffic
This is helpful even if you don’t directly conduct sales via your website as it still means consumers are visiting your page and learning about your company, services, and products. If you’re not utilizing local business SEO services, then you could be competing nationwide against larger brands that have the potential to quickly push your site down and make it harder for consumers to find online. Tailoring your page to meet local SEO standards helps prevent this, and by achieving a higher search engine ranking you can help build trust, as higher selections are often deemed more trustworthy by consumers.

Gaining Customers
When someone searches locally it usually means they are looking for services ASAP, and once a local customer knows your location, they are more likely to revisit in the future. This helps you draw in repeat business and build a stronger sense of community with local consumers. Supporting local businesses is a trend that has exploded in recent years, and your business can capitalize on showing hometown pride by building relationships with locals; however, to do this you must first ensure they can find you online!

Staying Competitive
Staying competitive with other local businesses is crucial, and if they are using local business SEO services while you aren’t then you could be losing out on a lot of business. For instance, if someone does a local search for your type of business, you won’t be ranked among local business unless you’re using local SEO. This can translate to lost sales, even if you provide a better service or product!

Google’s 3-Pack
Google’s 3-pack is essentially the first three listings that are displayed. To see if your business ranks in this, do a quick search for what your business specializes in and see if it appears in the top three results. If you don’t, or if you have to do some scrolling before you find your business, it’s time for local optimization. Not only does this feature make it easier for consumers to find you fast, but it also enables them to see your contact info, hours, and even reviews. This feature can also make it easier for you to gain local reviews, further boosting your brand name in the community!

Additionally, optimizing for local SEO allows your business to:

SEO Packages For Local Business

If you’re ready to take advantage of the benefits of SEO for local business, reach out to GHAX about our SEO packages. Our SEO services set us apart from the pack.

We’ll create a customized SEO strategy to skyrocket your ratings and adapt the strategy as needed. Google’s algorithms and your company’s business goals change, and we adapt to keep your business growing.

We monitor the impact of our SEO strategies and marketing efforts on your business’s growth to keep you headed in the right direction. If needed, we can change our strategy on the fly so you don’t have to sweat the dips in traffic generation, conversions, or changes in Google’s algorithms.

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