Top 15 eCommerce marketing tools to use in 2021

Whether you’re the owner of a shoe outlet or a well-established firm with its presence across multiple countries, eCommerce marketing tools are an important part of your business’s success over different online platforms. 

Considering the $4.9 trillion mark that the eCommerce market is expected to hit in the current year and the ways in which it has added to our life over the last decade, eCommerce is the future. 

Today, it’s not only your marketing tactics that will allow you to make the most of your online campaigns; you need to pair your campaigns with effective tools to interact, convert and engage with audiences who visit your website. The tools you choose to carry in your toolkit, play a significant role in aiding your eCommerce strategy. 

Having a reliable set of marketing tools is necessary for you to launch and execute your operations strategically. Let’s have a look at 15 such tools that will help you scale your business for the year 2021. 

Promo – video maker

The Promo application is a tool for eCommerce vendors that need to create multiple videos over their platforms. 

This video-making platform provides its users with a set of robust tools & customization options over their video, allowing them to effectively grow their businesses with powerful, creative videos. 

Found in 2012, Promo allows users to access a plethora of collections, adding great support to content creation with a range of templates and content, paired to a lifetime license. 

Significant highlights of the Promo App

  • Variety of options to get started. 
  • Free download of unlimited content, every week. 
  • Provide users with a creative hub, allowing easy promotion of content with unlimited creativity.
  • Offers Online Optimization, TechPoint Solutions, and BlitzMetrics, among others.
  • Simple integration with multiple social media websites. 


The Nutshell application is a powerful CRM tool that provides users with many different features to promote & streamline business operations. The application allows users to completely automate and stimulate their email marketing funnel by offering a sequence of personal emails, one-click phone dial, and multi-scale pipeline, among others. 

Further, this CRM tool also generates effective activity reports, allowing you to optimize your overall bandwidth and focus more on building client relationships.

Further, the application also integrates your business with your G Suite email calendar and inbox, allowing seamless operations for sales reps. 

Their tool stack integration provides your business with Office 365, G Suite, Slack, Unbounce, and Mailchimp, among others. 

Features of the Nutshell App

  • Seamless integration with the GSuite, allowing your sales reps to instantly edit and modify lead information.
  • Automation of the sales process.
  • Performance tracking. 
  • Start new emails and calls over a single tap.
  • Consistent customer support. 


If you are an eCommerce vendor who wants to run an effective loyalty program, Antavo is the perfect application for you. The application provides its users with effectively designed loyalty programs, for retailers of every type and size. 

With Antavo’s loyalty program, users can easily build creative and reliable omnichannel loyalty programs to convert customers. This application aids your eCommerce store by personalizing customer-generated data via loyalty programs. 

With Antavo managing your loyalty programs, you can easily turn your CRM actionable and boost the marketing automation process. 

Lastly, the application allows seamless integrations with DotDigital, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Google Pay, and Oracle, among others. 

Major highlights of the Antavo application are

  • Allows you to identify your customers via POS.
  • Offers real-time notifications to preferred clients.
  • Seamless customer engagement.
  • Automated recognition of customers, as per their membership plans.
  • Real-time customer support.  


Want to keep competitive pricing for every product in your store? Any idea where to begin? If yes, Prisync is the application for you. 

This tool allows eCommerce vendors to offer ideal pricing (according to the competition) and optimize the prices accordingly & maximize revenue. The intuitive UI of this application allows users to analyze competitors seamlessly.

Interestingly, the application allows users to avail a 14-day free trial, with access to all the functionality of the application. Their integration stack includes Magento & Shopify. Lastly, the commendable customer support of the application, makes it one of the most reliable pricing tools that you can use in your store. 

Highlights of the Prisync application

  • 14-day free trial. 
  • Intuitive UI, offering accurate, trendy data. 
  • Unlimited Competitors
  • Stock availability monitoring
  • Global market coverage


An all-in-one sales and marketing solution focused on small-scale eCommerce entrepreneurs, Keap allows core CRM services to your business. 

It allows automation and regular follow-up chain, automating the process of email campaigns (tracking deals, follow-up, and gaining more leads). 

Keap’s marketing automation solution allows organizations to engage on a one-on-one basis, helping your favor customized approach with the customers. 

Interestingly, Keap is something beyond a marketing solution as it allows businesses to create repeatable sales processes with different appointments. Lastly, its list of active integrations includes Zapier, AdEspresso, Customer, Automate.io, Bonhoro, Deadline Funnel, and more.

Key features of Keap application

  • Website tracking.
  • Landing page builder.
  • Triggered personalization messages. 
  • Intuitive UI with easy drag and drop functionality. 
  • A plethora of integration options available.  


Analytics and insights are essential parts of your eCommerce store, and the YoGrow application provides you with all the insights on your store. 

The application provides businesses with an opportunity to keep a track record of their growth via a readable email report with reports that are comparative and can be customized to suit the needs of the users.

Founded in 2011, YoGrow provides eCommerce vendors with a variety of growth reports and offers, ranging from real-time analytics to email reach and lead conversions. 

The application allows seamless integration with a number of eCommerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, and others. Lastly, the YoGrow application can also improve organic reach, increase conversion rates, and set recurring payments.

Listed below are some of the major highlights of the YoGrow App

  • Well-curated email reports with deep insight.
  •  Live update for a single website. 
  • Target tracking options. 
  • Live updates over 10 different websites.
  • Intuitive UI makes it easy to adapt to the platform. 


DotDigital provides a great tool if you want to edit how your customers engage with your eCommerce store. The application provides you with an opportunity to do omnichannel marketing as it allows engagement interfaces. 

DotDigital aims at the targeted customers and approaches them with personalized customer insight, allowing seamless omnichannel campaign management. 

This way, the application can easily help you generate increased revenue and streamline multiple marketing campaigns. 

Further, the application also offers a two-week free trial to its users and pairs your store with aids to your email campaigns with mobile app integrations and web campaign schedulers. 

Lastly, DotDigital provides easy integration with applications eCommerce platforms like Salesforce, Shopify, Magento, Antavo, among others. 

Features of the DotDigital application

  • Effortless mobile SMS, email management.
  • Aids your website with a reliable web campaign scheduler. 
  • Real-time 24*5 customer support. 
  • Free trial offer. 
  • Seamless campaign management. 


Rejoiner is an application that manages and automates your email workflow. This application allows you to make the most of your email marketing campaign via email marketing consultation, allowing you to regulate your email flow. 

Further, the application also allows eCommerce vendors to add personalization, based on the recipients of the mails. Providing businesses with improved segmentation of their users, you can use the Rejoiner application to improve revenue and decrease cart abandonment rate. 

Further, Rejoiner also allows vendors to customize the application as per their convenience. Its list of integrations includes WooCommerce, BigCommerce, AmeriCommerce, and Magento, among others. Lastly, you can also leverage the VIP users of your platform. 

Major highlights of the Rejoiner application

  • Smart segregation of customers at different stages.
  • Improve conversion rates & decrease cart abandonment.
  • Add personalization to your emails. 
  • Punctual and automated delivery of mails, across multiple levels of the funnel.
  •  Vivid pricing options for flexibility. 

AdNabu for Google Shopping

One of the ideal eCommerce marketing tools, AdNabu provides users with a plethora of options to grow their business with Google Shopping & Google Ads by using advanced features like multi-currencies, multi-languages, Metafields & more.

With this App, you can easily set up your Google Merchant Center & Create Google Shopping Feed with a few clicks & without any errors & run Google Ads.

Improve Google Shopping Feed with product-specific recommendations. Increase your score out of 100 to maximize returns in Google Shopping.

Highlights of using the AdNabu application

  • Optimize Google Shopping feed using Audit score
  • Metafield Support
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Product Reviews Integration


Found in 2010, Brand24 is a complete tool to manage all your social media needs. The application comes with a variety of tools that allow you to track your competition successfully. 

Further, you can also use the application to monitor trending hashtags, build your online reputation, & manage it effectively. 

Thanks to the seamless social media integrations over the Brand24 tool, the application makes it easy for users to monitor social and online mentions and provide real-time customer reviews.

With Brand24 integrated into your eCommerce platform, you can easily manage all the relevant social media notifications over one single platform. 

To sum it up, you can use the application to improve customer engagement, manage customer satisfaction and improve your online reputation.

Features of the Brand24 application

  • Notification Management.
  • Automated Reports. 
  • Hashtag reach. 
  • Metrics management.
  • Seamless customer support. 


If your current campaign demands you to create posts on a regular basis, then the Everypost is the perfect tool to have in your inventory. This platform allows its users to create and curate multiple engaging visual contents, derived from a variety of providers. 

The application allows you to schedule and customizes your posts to take better control of social pages. They also offer a convenient publishing tool to publish your posts and multimedia content over multiple social media platforms.  

Everypost allows integrations over social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Gmail, among others. Lastly, you can easily automate all your social activities with much hassle and reach out to a broader audience base.

Essential features of the Everypost app

  • Post customization 
  • Content curation via different providers. 
  • Easy Collaboration over multiple channels.  
  • Seamless reports of multiple social analytics. 
  • Easy scheduling of multiple posts. 


Scaling your business is one of the most common objectives of almost every eCommerce vendor. However, to ensure your business’s proper scalability, you need to ensure that all your Key Performance Metrics (KPI) are in place, and Dasheroo is the perfect application to help you with the same. 

The application allows businesses to track all their KPIs over one single platform and examine different aspects of business performance metrics. 

Founded in 2014, Dasheroo is one of those applications that offer actionable insights over your eCommerce store, allowing you to improve your business’s overall performance. 

Lastly, their integration toolkit will enable you to track metrics over PayPal, YouTube, Zapier, Facebook Advertising, and Salesforce, among others.

Major highlights of the Dasheroo application

  • Real-time data streaming & chat
  • Instant notification management and simplified management of notifications.
  • Real-time analysis of data across multiple platforms. 
  • Intuitive UI with reliable customer support. 
  • Real-time customer support. 


TaggShop is an eCommerce marketing tool that allows you to make the most of visual communication over your eCommerce platform. 

Generally used by the clients engaged in a B2B business model, the application allows its users to curate, discover, and aggregate engaging content that is curated for different social media platforms. 

Founded in 2015, TaggShop provides its users with a 14-day free trial to provide them with a complete idea of the application. 

Some of the application’s major services include social commerce tracking, social media content aggregation, visual commerce, and a plethora of marketing stack integrations. 

Some highlights of the TaggShop application are

  • TaggShop supports live chat support.
  • Allows seamless management via an intuitive dashboard.
  • Real-time sales on sale and traffic.
  • Engage in performance analytics over one dashboard.  


Reactful is one of the most reliable eCommerce marketing tools, allowing you to expand your on-page views and leads. One of the major highlights of this application is that Reactful is paired to an effective AI, allowing its users to experience engagement of leads and scale their conversions. 

The application’s AI-approach allows businesses to scroll, swipe, and monitor different gestures of multiple users in real-time. Interestingly, the application also allows personal guidelines and notifications to users.

With guidance from AI, the Reactful application allows you to boost your page views and increase conversion rates. 

Some highlighted features of the Reactful application are

  • Analytics/ ROI Tracking.
  • Provides landing pages.
  • Intuitive UI, paired with AI-approach.
  • Real-time customer support. 


Listed above were some of the top eCommerce marketing tools that ensure effectiveness over your store’s multiple aspects. However, similar to the fact that certain applications might work for others, all of them require effective testing. 

Only once you have tested all the applications under multiple scenarios, will you be able to finalize your ideal tool. Test the above tools on your eCommerce business and improve your ROI in 2021. All the best! 

Guest Post Contribution from AdNabu

Creating an approved Google Shopping Feed & running profitable Google Ads is a multi-step process. AdNabu’s app helps you easily create a Google Shopping feed & run profitable Google shopping Ads. All changes from your Shopify store are fetched and updated automatically in the feed. 

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